2. October – Hike to the Pinnacles – a Kookaburra – and camera smashed!

This morning, we started for the first time to do a hike. And only 50 m from our YHA we saw this beautiful Kookaburra – a typical Australian bird (in German we also say:laughing Hans). And it was very patient until we took several pictures.

Although we didn’t plan to do a hard tour for the first day, it truned out to be one: 13 km on the „Wonderland Loop“. Starting from Halls Gap the trail was first along a small creek passing some natural pools called „Venus Bath“.

And here it happened: Wendelin wanted to hand over his camera to another tourist for her to take a picture of us. But, as he had put on some suncreme before, the camera splipped out of his hand and fell on the hard rock. So, no more camera for the time being, only pictures with the mobile phone, A real loss.

Annette and Wendelin at „Venus Bath“ – without our good camera:-(((

We will have to look for a new camera – that’s costly.

The hike, however, was very beautiful as well as streneous (most part was uphill, uphill, and on the way back of course downhill, downhill…).

Here a picture of Pinnacles Lookout

And here the obligatory selfie from the Lookout:

Amazing were also the wildflowers that you see everywhere – one example is on the picture.

And here is the hiking trail of what we did.