3. October – Hiking along McKenzie River

This lush green scenery is to be found along the McKenzie River, a small (at the moment) mountain river that winds through the Grampians. There are two nice waterfalls, a smaller one (Fish Falls) and a bigger one, McKenzie Falls. The latter is a real „HotSpots“ in this tourist area.

The 13 km of yesterday are still sticking in our bones. That’s why we do a smaller hike today. The track along the McKenzie River is mainly plain and well prepared – and we don’t meet too many people inspite of school holidays.

Nevertheless, McKenzie Falls are quite crowded (you can also get there by car).

Young girls are posing, Selfie sticks are handed over, young man show their tatoos and parents search for their children.

Here you can see how well the tracks are prepared – steel grids facilitate the way up and down.







The best is indeed the wildflower blossening. Here a special blossom in between others (Wattles).

At the end, we did 10 km of hiking – including a side walk to the „Balconies“, a lookout to the Northern basin of the Grampians.

The girl on the rock is unknown to us – we hope she did not fall and survived her climbing….

At the end a beer as a reward for the hard work: