4. October – Climbing at Hollow Mountain – the first kangaroo and a Blue Tongue Lizard

Today, we are having another beautiful day and plan another hike. We drive to the North of the Grampians and take first the trail to Hollow Mountain. However, calling it a a „trail“ „Wanderpfad“ is not what it was. After about 1 km of a beautifully prepared track it started to go directly into the mountain, right between the rocks,

The climbing to the peak is very demanding – even if Annette looks quite relaxed…

The second hike was to the  Beehive Waterfall. This time, a mainly nice trail and not to difficult. Here, we saw our first kangeroo in the wilderness (for this year).

The Beehive Fall doesn’t have much water, but the surrounding is lush green. Astralians, that we met there, said that last year the water was thundering over the rocks.

On our way back we still saw a Blue Tongue Lizard – however, we didn’t attack it to show its tongue – it should have been blue.

And again we admire the wildflowers here which are only to be seen in the Australian springtime.

After our trip to the Northern part we still stop in a little town close to the Grampians called Stawell to buy some food and take a coffee. Afterwards back to the YHA where not only young people stay.

While Wendelin is as usual preparing the blog (the free WiFi is very weak, so we need Annette’s mobile to connect to the internet), Annette is cooking dinner. A lot of people do this. As we are later than the others, we have less stress with the utilities in use.