5. October – Lazy day…


Today is our lazy day. The weather is not so nice, it rained at night and it is cold. We get up only at 9.30 a.m. and take our time for breakfast.

We do some reading and organising. We are here in the Grampians YHA in Halls Gap, quite a nice place. If you want to have a look:

Grampians YHA

Meanwhile also elder people use the YHA’s. We meet a young woman from Freiburg Germany who is travelling with her cousin – she is overwhelmed that one can be travelling like us with over 60 and go to YHAs (her parents wouldn’t do it). Then we exchanged travel experiences with 2 Austrian women and also with other Australians.

Later during the day the sun comes out we decide to pay a visit to Brambuk.

It is an Aboriginal site, with information center, a cafe and a „museum“, where the story of the mountain range, named by the Aboriginals  „Gariwerd“ , like meeting place, center of something. – then the museum displays the historie of colonisation and the immense suffering for the indigeneous people.

In the evening we continue our planning for Queensland.