6. October – Hiking up Chatauqua Peak and driving to Melbourne

Today is our last day in the YHA in the Grampians.

We pack and leave – with best weather and acceptable temperatures – to do our last hike here, directly behing the YHA uphill, first to the Clematis Falls (we didn’t see any Clematis but the tiny waterfall was running nicely from rock to rock.



Then we continue to Chatauqua Peak, a rock ensemble directly above Hall Gap. Again quite a lot of climbing – nevertheless beautiful – and then a more easy track back to our YHA.

After another coffee and cake (selfmade by the women we have got to know before in the YHA) in Bramuk-Center we drive all the way through to Melbourne, 250 km.

A warm welcome there by our host. As agreed upon she cooked a nice meal for us – we had salmon, a lot of different steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes. And a glas of beautiful red wine.

We talked about  children and grandc children, partnership, cooking and a lot more – very nice, we directly felt at home.

Tomorrow we will hopefully get our „new“ camera. We will see if that works.