13. October – In the rainforest at Cape Tribulation


Today, we had to pack everything and then left the campground and the wallabies…

Yesterday, we had a nice, cool beer with Claudia and Uli from Würzburg – we really meet a lot of people on this tour.

Now we drove via Mareeba and Mossman into the Daintree NP – the famous rainforest.


Here you have the ferry, which we had to take to cross the Daintree-River. The river is full of saltwater crocodiles, that have been sighted also in the water in front of Cape Tribulation, a small village with lots of resorts and campgrounds. That is why you can’t swim in the ocean – and of course because of the stingers, little poisonous yellyfishes.

The Daintree river runs into the sea at Cape Tribulation – here you can see the mouth and how the river winds its way through the rainforest.

We decide to stay at „Cape Trib Camping“, a nice and spacy at the entrance of the little village.

Again pitching up the tnet, blow the air mattresses etc. Then Annette gives half an hour of Yoga lesson (to Wendelin and herself), exercise apart of walking is missing. For lunch we warm the rest of the food from yesterday.

Tomorrow we will have to get up early to do a snorkling tour to the Great Barier Reef which is quite close to the coast here.

In the later afternoon we did a nice long walk along the beach – what a pity that swimming is not recommended. And the crocs stayed in the water – we didn’t see any, fortunately.