20. October – In the Blackdown Tablelands NP

The Blackdown Tablelands is part of  Queensland Central Highlands that stretches from the coast to the outback.

Fortunately, the weather has calmed – it’s cloudy and covered most of the time, but morning was great and in the evening we saw the sun again…

We did today almost all the short hiking trails, that are signed in the Tabellands – but all in all about 14 km – we can feel it in the legs.

A gravel road reaches about 20 km into the tableland.

Allready the second walk provides a discovery: Annette spots a goana, that searches insects in the bark of a tree.

The landscape in the park isn’t quite spectacular – but there are really nice views from time to time.

Remarkable are the animals in the park – we can hear frogs, that sound like drums (we first thought of an aboriginal funktion) – but we couldn’t see any. Instead of, we saw marvolous birds. And as we returned to the parking lot after the second walk – he waited for us, posing on a walking sign:

Really a nice Kookaburra!

The high-light of the day is the waterfall of  Gudda Goomo Gorge.

There we met a family from Lille/ France, who travells a whole year, not only in Australia, with their two boys.

In the evening, it’s quite dfficult to find a place for dinner. But we ended up at „21 Doon“, where we had a delicous „Seafood-Basket“.