22. October – Great Keppel Island – and finally sun again!

This morning, we got up early – the ferry we intend to take to Great Keppel Island is leaving at 9 a.m. and check-in is at 8:30 a.m.

Before this, we put our car in a  „Secure-Parking“ and a musty lady brings us to the peer. The being there at 8.30 a.m. was not necessary (missing sleeping minutes for Annette).

The ferry (in the picture the colourful one makes its way through the waves in half an hour to the island.

And, we would not have expected it, the weather is clearing up on the island. Since one week no clouds, no rain but pure sunshine. However, after all that rain, also the little insects that like to suck our blood, are abundant.

After a coffee in the bar of The Great Keppel Hideaway (where we have a family room with a shared bathromm – but we are the only ones) we rent some finns and start walking to the beaches where it is said that youcan directly reach coral reefs for snorkeling.

After about 50 minutes of hiking we get to „Long Beach“ – a phantastic beach, white sand more than a km long – and empty. On a sign it is marked that here, towards the East end, is nudist beach – nobody there until we come.

After a swim without clothes and the sight of a sting ray that sailed passed us  we continued our way to Monkey Beach, where you should be able to snorkel. Annette tried it – but with rather low tide it was not really possible to get to the reef.

On our way back Annette spotted another goana, the second on this journey:

Okay, snorkeling was not very successful  – but the island is nevertheless very beautiful. We walk back, along a big holiday resort that is shut down for more than 10 years. After a (salty) shower we are having a sun downer at the bar and watch the sunset:

Thereafter, we prepare our dinner: beautiful shrimps bought in Yappoon and veggies, prepared on the grill. Yummie!