28. October – 20 km waterfalls and „Creek-Crossing“

Today we walked – as forseen – the long Coomera-circuit. More than 20 km – and the first and longest part through the valley of the Coomera-Creek is really exciting. It only began with this amazing giant tree and it’s flat roots (there are of course many of them)..

After a few kilometers the „high-light“ – the Coomera falls. Unfortunately, the picture shows only little of the impressionating landscape. There is one very high one that drops more than 100 meters into a deep gorge – and another smaller one from the river itself. In the middle of the picture, you see another creek joining the Coomera – unfortunately, the whole impressive picture cannot be taken on a photo.

Often, the track crosses the Coomera creek and a lot of other side creeks /small rivers flowing into the main creek – we call it creek hopping – some of them are really a challenge as the water level is quite high after the rain-

Another waterfall on a strech of about 10 km (one of more than a dozen, smaller and bigger) is crossing our path.

Nature in this Lamington National Park is really fascinating it is another strech of old Godwana land. After about 12 km the Coomera loop track joins the main track (Border track) which stretches along the crest for quite a long while  – for us another 8 km. At the end, we are glad to see our campground again. Our first thing is to visit the Teahouse and have a nice cappucchino / chai latte. After that it was nice to have a shower. Then we cook (mainly rests of yesterday) and are happy to ly down on our air mattresses.

Tomorrow, we want to go to Coffs Harbour, a small town on the East Coast of New South Wales. We intend to have a rest day there and then continue to another NP to see more waterfalls and do more hiking in the Doringo NP