29. October – From the mountains to the sea

This morning, we left Lamington National Park. The campground was booked out yesterday – a lot of people from Queensland come for the week-end to the Binna Burra area of the NP. Yesterday evening we still had a nice talk with a young couple from Brisbane, he a lawyer, she an accountant – both also travelling quite a bit.

We woke up very early this morning: a group of teenagers was chatting and  giggling since 5.30 a.m. … (we could have killed them). And at 10 a.m. when we have packed out staff, the campground was almost empty. again.

On our way down we still did a picture of the NP – in the middle between the mountain ridges – it is already in New South Wales – you see Mt. Warning.

Our destination for today is Coff’s Harbour. We go down the Pacific coast on the Pacific Highway, which is being upgraded from highway to motorway between Bayron Bay and South of Coff’s Harbour (which means that we can mainly drive 80 km /hour and not more).

Bayron Bay is renowned for its beach and beach life specially for young üeople. Girls compete with their bikinis and young males with their tatoos and dreadlocks.

An absolute must is a visit to the lighthouse on a hill above town.

The „entrance fee“ disguised as parking fee is high, 8 AUD…

Further on our way south there are several impressive lookouts to beautiful beaches/coastlines.

From Bayron Bay to Coff’s Harbour it is about 250 km. We have booked a cabin a bit north of town, 7 km at Sapphire Beach. Taking into account the weather conditions (we passed a zone whoch just had hail before) we are glad to not stay in our tent.

After a very tasty dinner in a restaurant „Latitude 30“ at the harbour of Coff’s Wendelin still had to „work“ – do some bank transfers and continue writing our blog.