30. October – Crabs from Coff’s Harbour

This is our homestay at the moment at Sapphire Beach close to Coff’s Harbour. The town is situated between Sydney and Brisbane at the East Coast of New South Wales. It is described as a pensioners place and we find it is a bit true. Maybe, that’s why we quite like it. Two times we decided to extent our stay, instead of one night we are staying three.

This map can be enlarged ….

After doing some laundry (to be honest: Annette did it, Wendelin only came to put the pegs), we went on a walk on the broad beach directly behind our campground where our cabin is.

The sea is rough, the water rather cold and the wind blows the sand against the legs – just right after the long hikes in Lamington NP!

After the walk we use the swimming pool – a nice, renovated and reasonably sized pool. Here, we meet a retired Australian couple with whom we talked for a while about penioner’s age, pension levels, penioner’s joys and burdens.

In the afternoon we drive to Coff’s for shopping.

At the harbour we discover the local representation of the fishermen’s cooperative:

To the grat joy of Annette we get here two big and two small crabs . the zoologincal names are forgotten (we will deliver it later).

However, we have eaten them already this evening: