31. October – Yoga, Yasmine and Surf & Turf in Coff’s

Today is an extra day at Coff’s Habour. We sleep in in our cosy cabin and, after breakfast, discuss long about the next part of our journey. At midday we drive to Coff’s Harbour (7 km). On our way, we pass by a quite noble resort (which Annette would just like to have a look at). First, we stroll along a path to the nearby beach and further on to the next one (you can walk on for many km here). Nice views, nice beaches but stronf southernly winds, so it is quite cold. We walk back to our car through residential area – and are not sure whether these nice houses are for residents (penioners?) or only for week-end purposes.

Then we drive to the a bit hidden resort. On the road we see a special lizzard which is taking a sun bath on the road and not willing to move for cars. We have to drive around it.


The hotel Resort Break Free Aanuka Beach Resort is nicly situated in the landscape – very appealing, with a huge pool. At Booking.com you can have a room for 153 € a night – that seems not to expensive. We, however, only take a coffee – and Annette is admiring the scent of the jasmine flowers all over in the garden.

At Coff’s Harbour, we walk around the harbour, have a late lunch at the eatery of the fishermen’s cooperative: a huge basket of fish (sevral) and chips for only 11.50 AUD – enough for us both. Then we walk up the hill in front of the harbour and connected by a boardwalk/dike top with the harbour. The first picue here is taken from there. It was very windy, and different to yesterday the wind came from the south and not the north. You were almost blown away.

After this, we drive back to our camping ground. After a short dip in the pool, Annette orders to do Yoga (the picture is however taken at the already mentioned resort).

Back „at home“ we cook again – this time Surf & Turf, that is steak and shrimps, both fresh and resonably priced from the area, together with cauliflower …

During our meal at the communal kitchen we talk to a family from Poland (with 2 kids) who spend almost 5 weeks not only in Australia, but also New Zeeland (quite a rush, but sometimes there is not much choise).