27. September – Jetlag and shopping

Immigration was rather easy. At the end, non residents had to queue on a line and a dog was walked by to check for unallowed food or so. We had nothing like this.

Taking up the rental car, troubles with our GPS App on the mobile phone  – but finally we made it to our first host, Daniele, where we boooked a room for 3 nights via „homestay“.

First a shower, then a nap. Still a bit dizzy we start our shopping tour. We buy a SIM card with Aldi Mobile which – unexpectidly – worked after the first trying.

And this is the number: +61 490089668

Furthermore, we buy a cheap watch (Wendelin forgot his at home) and a USB charging device. suitable for the car.

The area seems to us like a mixture of LA and our home area Widdersdorf: all over in the outskirts there are big shopping centers and malls like in the USA. But some shops are like in Germany: Aldi and Ikea.

Here a little impression of our tour:

Annette at Westfield Shopping Mal
Wendelin in front of Aldi (Unfortunately a little bit unclear. Annette prefers the Healthstore next door, where she bought a wonderful massage oil – Castror-Oil, whatever that is…)